Guides to oberving and useful observing resources

- A guide to the reliability of USNO photometry(prepared by Mark Kidger)
- Guia de Astrometria (Astroart -Astrometrica- Ccdsoft) Ramon Naves
- Guia de Fotometria (Astroart)Ramon Naves
- FOCAS An excellent free program for cometary photometry, available in English
and Spanish versions
(Excelente programa gratuito para fotometria de cometas y asteroides, autor Julio Castellano)
- Astrometrica (guide to and download of astrometric reduction package)
- Guide to Astrometry (the MPC's observing guide)

- El uso y limitaciones de fotometrķa con distintas aperturas -  (2007-08-21 -Mark Kidger)

Articles in professional journals

- Dust production and coma morphology of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko during the 2002-2003 apparition. Dr. Mark Kidger - A & A 408. 767-774 (2003)
- II. A comparative study of dust production in 46P/Wirtanen and 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko during their 2002/2003 apparition. Dr. Mark Kidger - A & A 420, 389-395 (2004)

Presentations to meetings, reports and popular talks

Reports to meetings
- Photometry (by Mark Kidger)
- MACE 2004 Article on photometry from the meeting proceedings
2004 Spring Comets Compared
- Comet Holmes and other Outbursts Mark Kidger

Popular presentations
- Cometas de eclipses y cometas Suicidas   Mark Kidger
- La tierra en peligro. Las amenazas que afrenta nuestro planeta Mark Kidger
- Bye-bye to UBVRI? Mark Kidger
- OJ287: A slight case of schizophrenia? Mark Kidger



- NEOCPAlert

Interesting TV programmes in the internet

The Sky at Night

Sky at Night is the BBC's monthly astronomy programme, presented by Sir Patrick Moore since Abril 1957 /  The Sky at Night es un programa de la BBC presentado por Sir Patrick Moore, desde Abril de 1957.

Mars and the Ring of Fire: November 2005

Look up in the night sky and you will see Mars. It's almost as close as it can get to Earth and will not be as well placed for many years. Join Patrick Moore in his garden for a Mars party and enjoy the exceptional view of the Red Planet.
Also this month, Chris Lintott reports from Madrid where he witnessed the dramatic annular eclipse, also called the 'Ring of Fire'.

Target Tempel 1: July 2005

NASA sends a probe into the comet 9P/Tempel-1, early on the morning of July 4th. Will this unique event help us find out how comets are made? Are they balls of ice and mud, harbouring the components of life - or just solid rocks of sterile cosmic debris? Deep Impact hopes to provide the answers. But this destructive act is not without its critics. The Sky at Night explores the pros and cons of hitting a comet.

Cosmic Wanderers: December 2003

Patrick Moore is joined by Dr Mark Kidger to discuss comets, the most unpredictable members of the solar system.

The Star of Bethlehem: December 2001

What was the Star of Bethlehem? This month, Patrick is joined by David Hughes and Mark Kidger, who have made careful studies of the records. Can they give a convincing answer?