P/2007 T2 - Kowalski   
15-12-2007 Ese curioso cometa es muy débil (ver image002.gif) y de muy baja actividad (ver image001.gif). Su valor máximo de Afrho estaba en torno a sólo 5-cm y está menguando rápidamente.
2007-11-12 Observations of this comet by Ramón Naves (MPC 213, Barcelona, Spain) on 2007 Nov 11.15 showed that it was strongly elongated in PA 309 degreees and possibly fragmented. Further observations by Ramón Naves and Montse Campàs on Nov 12.08 clearly resolve two fragments with magnitudes of R=18.0 and 18.4 in a 10 arcsecond square aperture, separated by 17 arcseconds. Observations by Juan Antonio Henriquez (MPC J51, Tenerife, Spain) on Nov 12.2 confirm the presence of two nuclei and give a separation of 16.5 arcseconds

Light curve
Dust and water production
Analysis and photometric evolution :
        - Coma Index
        - Ratio Afrho (10"/20")
        - Afrho evolution in physical coma diameters
 - Light curve evolution in physical coma diameters
        - Perihelion asymmetry



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