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"Autumn 2005 has seen some very rare storm phenomena in the eastern Atlantic
Ocean close to the Canary Islands. Hurricane Vince was classed as a
Saffir-Simpson Scale 1 hurricane for a few hours. Tropical Storm Delta was not
classed as a hurricane, although the sustained winds registered during the
storm that caused so much damage, especially on Tenerife and La Palma were well
over hurricane force. I have not got a record of Tropical Storm Epsilon that
apparantly followed Delta, although further north, because of lack of Internet
access in the aftermath of Delta."

Vince 2005-10-10
Delta - 1 28-11-2005
Delta -2  28-11-2005

Estudio del Centro Nacional de Huracanes de EE.UU. sobre Delta: ( formato PDF) / (formato Word)

Tormenta Grace - Octubre 2009