P/2002 T1 (LINEAR)

P/2002 T1 (LINEAR) was discovered bu LINEAR as a magnitude 16 object and shown almost immediately to be a short period comet making a close approach to the Earth (distance at discovery 0.197AU). The comet reached perihelion on October 8th 2002 at 1.192AU and minimum geocentric distance less than a day earlier. The period is 6.65 years and the inclination 20 degrees.

The light curve


The light curve is only poorly covered at present, but the comet is expected to start to fade rapidly. It appears to be an intrinsically very faint and low activity object that has activated at perihelion and that may rapidly fade out as it receeds from the Sun.

As we can see in the light curve, the comet has as expected been fading with great rapidity since discovery.









Observations by:

  • Ramón Naves & Montse Campàs - MPC 213
  • Miguel Camarasa - MPC 445
  • Salvador Sánchez - MPC 620
  • Juan Lacruz - MPC J87




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