C/2001 RX14 (LINEAR)

This comet was discovered by LINEAR as a magnitude 18.8 object on September 10th 2001. The comet reached perihelion on January 18th 2003 at 2.06AU from the Sun. C/2001 RX14 (LINEAR) is an average comet and is expected to reach only about magnitude 11. Its orbit is slightly hyperbolic.

GThe light curve

There is some dispersion in the light curve but the comet appears to be following the predictions that have been made of a peak brightness around 11 close to perihelion..

The data shows that the central condensation faded slightly in late 2002, although the total magnitude continued to brighten. After a small break in the light curve the central condensation continued to brighten again until early March 2003 when it has started to fade rapidly.

From mid-March 2003 the decrease in brightness has been dramatic and the central condensation has suddenly and very rapidly faded.

This comet has been notable for the spectacular tail that it has shown and the considerable change in form with changing presentation and major activity.












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